Our Story

Back in 2015, sisters Mallory and Kirstie, finally reunited in the same zip code and armed with some serious passion, followed through on what once had felt like a crazy pipe dream: launching Elevate Events, an event planning and design company based in Madison, Wisconsin. Thanks to loads of determination, love for our clients and community, and countless reams of checklists, we have since grown to become one of Wisconsin's premier event planners, lauded for our personalized approach and innovative sense of design. 

As event planners and coordinators, we naturally find joy in sorting through our clients' most complex details, connecting them to other incredible vendors and conceptualizing and creating one-of-a-kind design concepts, but we also pride ourselves on getting to know each of our clients on a truly personal level, understanding the why behind each event and forging the necessary relationships to be their most trusted confidants, both during the event and for years to follow.

From the moment you reach out to us, to the minute your head hits the pillow on event day, we aim to provide you with everything you need to feel completely prepared and genuinely excited to host your event. Whether you're simply looking for reliable, organized Month-Of Coordination with our associates, Kelsie or Emily, need a boost in confidence with a personalized style or design consultation with Mallory and Kirstie, or want our entire team to plan, design, and execute your dream event from start to finish, we're here to help you achieve, and elevate, your vision; creating a truly unique and intentional event.


Owner, Lead Event Coordinator and Designer


Owner, Lead Event Coordinator and Designer

Kirstie is the younger sib and the visionary of Elevate Events.  She is a compulsive list-maker and documents just about everything - weekend vacations, events in progress and the perfect dinner recipe, so naturally, she is the driving force behind all things pertaining to social media and cataloging.  Armed with a strong sense of empathy and compassion, Kirstie loves relationships and is definitely a people-pleaser. Known for her obsession with the finer details, Kirstie is the natural editor when it comes to Elevate's overall concept. This, as well as Kirstie's desire to know and befriend everyone, ensures that each event is comprehensive and that every one of Elevate's clients feel taken care of and loved.  

Mallory is the big sister and the "mover and shaker" half of Elevate.  On any given day, you can find her drinking coffee out of her Beyoncé mug, incessantly checking emails and constantly looking for the next project.  She is an organization junkie and admittedly checks fashion blogs and home improvement sites far too often.  Mallory prides herself on her ability to relate to most everyone, and believes that maintaining friendships and having a good time are some of life's most precious takeaways.  This, in addition to Mallory's attention to detail, unabashed obsession with style, and logistical mastery ensures that every Elevate event is gorgeous, unique, and flows with ease.  

Our Team

Kelsie Fye  |  Lead Event Coordinator

You say the word, Kelsie gets it done. It's still a bit of a mystery how she does it, but at any given moment, Kelsie is  likely floating around an event and greeting guests with her signature smile, while stealthily calling on her ninja skills to clean up a table, straighten a napkin, AND snap a quick photo of the wedding party as she passes by.  Her spunky personality paired with a genuine desire to give our clients what they need makes her a true peach.  Although she originally hails from Illinois, she is a real Wisconsin girl at heart with her love of cheese and the Badgers! When she isn't "on duty," you'll likely find Kelsie trying out the hottest local cuisines, watching the latest rom-com or hanging out with her sweet German Shepherd pup, Teddy. 



Emily Volland  |  Associate Coordinator

With her vast experience coordinating large scale events coupled with a mindful, intentional sense of empathy, Emily is pretty much the cool and collected girl we all should hope to have on our team at any given moment. This witty gal brings an immensely calm, proactive and positive approach to coordinating and executing any event, and her incessant double-checking skills ensure that absolutely nothing slips through the cracks. Known for her hilarious one-liners, amazing sense of musicianship, and need for serious travel (and naps), it's apparent to see that Emily is all brains, all heart, and seriously in tune with what others may need at a moment's notice.